NEW FOR 2019

11th April - Uncover the mysteries of plant propagtion with Alan Gray and Ian Roofe.  Alan and Ian will give an insight into the mysteries of plant propation. Starting at 9.30am for cofee and biscuits followed by a demonstration on propagation. £50 per person. 


An introduction to roses    Tuesday 25th June  @ East Ruston Old Vicarage, Norfolk           Michael Marriott            

A look at the world of roses, from the oldest to the newest and from the very small to the very big and all the different ways they can be used in the garden. Michael will talk about all the various aspects of the plants including the delights of their very varied fragrances. He’ll be refuting their reputation for being troublesome, showing how they can easily be cared for. There will be time for participants to have a go at designing a border or garden either purely of roses or mixed up with other plants.     In appreciation of beautiful glasshouses, Alitex recommends this event                    £140 


Designing with Colour           Tuesday, 10th September @ East Ruston Old Vicarage, Norfolk   Nick Bailey

Discover the secrets of attaining year-round garden colour on any size of plot. Packed with information about growing techniques, unusual plants and stunning combinations the course gives a broad insight into grouping colours for dynamic seasonal effects. Focusing on proven techniques Nick has developed over 25 years a course that combines the art and science of growing for year-round colour. Initially focusing on the fascinating science of how plants have evolved to make and use colour it goes on to explore the role of colour in the garden and how gardeners can employ simple artistic ideas,to inform their plant groupings across the seasons. Not limited to flower colour Nick also explores the impact of foliage.   In appreciation of beautiful glasshouses, Alitex recommends this event    £140    


To book please go to  www.gardenmasterclass.org  

We will be hosting a series of one day gardening courses in 2019. Times and dates to be confirmed, the courses will run from 10am to 3pm and will include unravelling the mysteries of plant pruning, plant propagation and garden design. They will be run by qualified horticulturalists and students will enjoy the facilities of the garden and be allowed to use the plants therein. If you have a particular area of horticultural interest that you would like to improve, please let us know.

Saturday 8th June: Garden Event and Plant Fair starting at 10am. 

Sunday 3rd February will see the first Snowdrop event at East Ruston Old Vicarage. 

East Ruston Old Vicarage will host a

Snowdrop Specialist Growers Day

commencing at 10am.


Specialist Growers

Joe Sharman – Monksilver Nursery

Jelly Cottage Plants

Brian Ellis

Michael Broadhurst – Rainbow Farm

Ben Potterton


Guest Speaker

Ben Potterton will give a talk at 1pm


Entry £3.50 per person

Refreshments available.

For further information please contact  01692 650432