At the southern boundary of the garden is one of our wildlife ponds. This pond contains a large population of golden minnows as well as frogs, toads and newts. In summer the surface comes alive with iridescent hovering dragon and damsel flies. There is a willow arbour enclosing a seat and a jetty where you may sit and watch this bucolic scene unfold before you.

Adjacent to the Wildlife Pond we find the Bee Borders, so called for hidden within their depths are two Bee Hives. These belong to Lyn and Guy Pettit and regularly produce lots of delicious honey but they have a more important role to play. The bees act as efficient pollinators throughout the garden, essential for fruit, vegetable and seed production. Opposite the Bee Border is an enclosure with three laid-back Alpacas from South America. Shorn in early summer, local weavers turn their valuable pelts into wool that is in great demand by the knitting fraternity.

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