Here think leaf, bark and berry and you’ll get the gist. There are various birches their stems in hues of glistening whites, cool creams and rusty reds. Hollies both plain leaved and variegated in shades of yellow and cream. Dogwoods and Willows for their red, gold and yellow stems. Grasses that have good skeletal form during the winter changing from green to shades of tan and cream. Various coloured phormiums add great architectural form and the groups of eucalyptus trees with their glaucous foliage and prettily patterned trunks in shades of cream, tan and grey make a lovely background.

Another borrowed view, this time it is Happisburgh Lighthouse viewed through a porthole cut in the shelter belt; this amusing vista always raises a smile. Leading to the porthole is an avenue of alternating square blocks of Quercus ilex, the evergreen oak and Trachycarpus fortunei, the Chusan palm.

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