The Apple Walk borrows the view of St Mary’s Church Happisburgh sitting on the cliff one mile distant. By framing the church between tall poplar trees its importance is emphasised and it therefore appears closer to the garden than it is. The Apple Walk is planted with old-fashioned varieties of eating apples; these are trained as espaliers with a froth of Nepeta mussinii ‘Six Hills Giant’ at their feet which is clipped back three times during the growing season to give successive flowerings.

The Stock Border is divided into four bays.
It faces south and is backed by three hedges that arise in ever ascending steps. These look particularly good in the winter, the crisply cut dark green of yew backed by the warm rusty tones of beech. The four bays are planted in rows with plants that we use for propagation for use in other garden areas. There is an archway through the hedges where to each side there is an interesting geometric planting of topiary yew and box backed with a red berberis hedge again backed by yew. This leads through to the winter garden.

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