The Mediterranean Garden is a series of south facing terraces, each backed by the shelter of heat retaining red brick walls.
Two plants in particular that cause much excitement here. Firstly Echium pininana that hails from the Canary Islands produces an amazing towering four metre column of blue flowers so beloved by bees.

We also now have also both a pink and white variety of this plant. The other stunner in this garden is Beschonaria yuccoides that comes from Mexico. In early summer this plant produces great swan-necked stems to two metres high featuring the most stunning shrimp pink, head, the upper portion with pink bracts enclosing small lime-green flowers. Both of these plants are monocarpic, having grown to flowering size they bloom, set seed and die. However they leave behind their legacy of seed or offsets and over a period of time these two plants form colonies which produce some blossom every year.
These are joined by palms, grasses, agapanthus and a good selection of kniphofias as well as many other plants.
At the heart of this garden is the pavilion that contains a series of aerial photographs of the garden.

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