Woodland gardening is comparatively new to us. Now that our tree planting has grown sufficiently tall we are enjoying the fun and the challenges, not to say the variety of ‘shade’ gardening.

The Woodland Garden is criss-crossed with many gently meandering paths. We have endeavoured to give this area as long a season of interest as possible starting in February with early bulbs such as snowdrops and aconites. We have an on-going scheme to plant vast numbers of these every year so that we shall have sheets of yellow and white in years to come. Here also are many rare and unusual trees and shrubs and a vast collection of Hydrangeas that give us colour and interest from June to October when they are joined by a cacophony of riotous autumn colour.

On the Eastern side of the Woodland Garden are two further areas of interest, one contains an ever growing collection of hollies, the other concentrating on plants from New Zealand, many of which are rare and unusual.

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