We enter the Exotic Garden through a large, vine-hung pergola and what do we see. Two raised ponds; one containing fish and flowering pots of water loving plants, the other a tall fountain cleverly designed by Giles Raynor to spurt its contents in on itself rather than outwards thus reducing the amount of spray on windy days. The fountain is designed to resemble a ‘twister’ or waterspout that may occasionally be seen off our coast. The raised ponds are edged in dressed lead and make suitable perching places for visitors, but beware lead quickly becomes hot in strong sunshine!

The surrounding beds are planted with both hardy and tender plants to give an exotic and foreign feel to this area. Plants such as Bananas, Tetrapanax, stooled Paulonia plus many tenderlings that are bedded annually, grown by us here each year from cuttings. This is esential as many of these plants are not readily available in the general trade. If you see a plant that you like, do ask, we may just have a spare one tucked away.

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