This garden was constructed by digging into a slope in an effort to gain more shelter from the wind. Today, this is the Rose Garden containing many new and ‘Old-Fashioned’ roses in soft shades of pinks, whites and reds. These are closely planted with herbaceous perennials, for we believe that roses should be an integral part of the garden and not grown as a monoculture where all their faults become magnified and very noticeable. Here with their supporting cast of perennials they are elevated and enhanced to another level with an extended season of interest. At the centre of this garden is a square pond enclosed by large architectural blocks of Thuya plicata, this deliberate design feature beckons the visitor on and encourages exploration as not all is revealed in one glance. In the centre of this pond is a sculpture by artist and blacksmith Bill Cordaroy made using stainless steel and glass. On a sunny day watch the play of colourful reflection on the water as you walk around the pond. Having enjoyed the Rose Garden exit beneath a pergola at its western side.

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