We say ‘for now’ because we are well known for our penchant for change but, for the moment we are enjoying this colour scheme. This border has seen many changes, in the beginning it was a dog’s breakfast, a bit of everything. It became a Cottage Border, then a Tropical Border until today’s incarnation, the Red and Purple Border but, do not take the title too literally for if a plant has the merest hint of the two main colours mentioned in the borders title, we will use it. It is the overall effect that we need here rather than each and every bloom or leaf being plain red or purple, subtlety is everything. At the centre of this border is a wooden Summer House with a shingle tiled roof where you may sit and tarry awhile taking in the view across the main lawn to the Dutch Garden beyond?

Passing through an arch in the hedge past a covered urn into a green court a surprise awaits. Here, in a curved Beech Hedge, two windows allow unexpected views of St. Mary’s Church, East Ruston and the statue of a young man on a rather grand brick plinth. Both ‘borrowed’ views indicating that there is more to see beyond the tall hedges.

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