The Dutch Garden is on the South West end of the house. It consists of eight box-edged flower beds that are punctuated with box balls and obelisks. Also here are clipped Hollies ‘Golden King’, box spirals and a pair of stylized Peacocks. The beds are planted twice yearly with tulips for spring followed by summer bedding. We try to be as original as possible with the planting combinations here, sometimes you might find them soothing, at other times shocking but, that’s the fun of gardening.

This is the setting for several of our large pots, again planted twice yearly, where you will find original and interesting ingredients as well as the more familiar but, these are often used in unexpected and unusual ways. We always try to have new plants growing on for use in these pots so that they are of a substantial size when first introduced.

A teak greenhouse contains the rose ‘Columbian Climber’, it is here because we like to be able to enjoy it as a cut flower during the winter as well as enjoying its swooningly, sweet scent here in the summer. A silver fountain of foliage and flowers grown as a tiered display in containers entirely obscured in late summer.

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