Hortus Spiralis

This triangular site was once part of an internal shelterbelt in the early days of the garden. Over time the Monterey Pines, (there were five) had grown tall and wide creating unwanted shade, they had to go! Once felled, Andrew the tree feller, made some stalagmites from their trunks. He blackened these using a large blowtorch and then arranged them in a spiral shape in the centre of the triangle. From this initial shape, Hortus Spiralis, (enclosed, winding garden) was born. Three pathways emanate from the centre radiating outwards like a Catherine Wheel. In spring with everything cut back, the whole garden is on view. As summer advances the pathways disappear enclosed by Miscanthus hedges and an air of secrecy pervades. It has a Maze-like quality with each path leading to the centre stalagmites where there is a secret seating area for quiet contemplation.

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