Fruit Cage

From a chance remark by Alan the Fruit Cage was born. Once the site of a Prairie Garden, (too wild and too weedy!) He said to Graham, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to grow a Cherry tree without the Cherries being predated by birds. Little did he realise that a Cherry tree would become Cherry trees and that they would reside in quite such a magnificent edifice. However, the Fruit Cage is also an experiment for many of the older, more flavoursome soft fruit varieties do not travel well so are best picked fresh and eaten as soon as possible. Some varieties of dessert Gooseberry with gorgeous, golden, globular fruits, almost as large as a hen’s egg are in danger of being lost to cultivation for it is impossible to grow them commercially. In addition, in the early months of the year we can thwart the predating Wood Pigeons by growing our Sprouting Broccoli within its sheltering spires.

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