The Scottish Sundial

Scotland is rich in multi-facetted sundials and we seldom, if ever, find two that are alike. However, we acquired our sundial from a country house sale in the south of England. Often seen in the gardens of grand and prosperous houses and castles north of the border they were at their most fashionable from approximately 1625 to 1725. Their exact purpose, apart from telling the time is unknown but they have an element of fun about them consisting of a column surmounted by numerous clock faces, sometimes more than 50.

Our sundial has 13 faces set to tell the approximate Greenwich Mean Time. I say approximate for with such small dials, accuracy is doubtful and our forebears were perhaps not overly worried about minutes and seconds. Greenwich Mean Time is one hour behind British Summer Time so bear this in mind whilst viewing and enjoying our column sundial. This is situated opposite the potting shed.

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